A podcast where a psychotherapist dives into the broken underbelly of crime, mystery, modernmedia, psychology, culture, and politics New episodes every Tuesday AM



at unpopular culture, I moderate the design/technology focused episodes like Driverless Cars and Big red button, but more importantly, I, with a small tem of people, have weekly meetings to discuss our numbers, what new platforms to develop, which platforms are gaining the most traction with an audience and why. I contact external sources for interviews, as well as set up appointments for other moderators on the show. I run the full-time website, create all graphics for episodes and advertising, and of course, find a way to integrate my hand-lettering into it all. this is data-driven marketing and one of the only times I have been involved in the numbers side of things, and if I've learned on thing from that, it's this:

pay attention to the numbers.



for this project, I learned the ins and outs of several new programs like Adobe Edge for video editing, Libsyn for Podcast file hosting and podcast analytics, audacity for sound editing and even the notoriously flawed iTunes podcast App. the branding and creation of this podcast quickly turned into a HEAVY amount of copywriting....

Young Professionals, students, (not necessarily psychology-inclined) Interests in history and politics, predominantly male, curious.
Shocking, evocative colors to stand out among others, bold sans-serif graphic font for legibility at super-small size, shock value-imagery and headlines, short shows (about 40 min) to align with amount of time for commute to school/work as most people listen in their cars, black and white imagery to contribute to old news vibe, red graphics to contribute to shock value

web DESIGN & analytics



Digital Advertising & artwork

Networking with other podcasters, email marketing, banner ads, social banners and posts

Social Media Campaign

Cross-platform consistency, bigger emphasis on more prominent sites
Primary sites include Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook
Secondary Sites include: Patreon, Reddit, PodcastLand, etc.



Twitter @upcpodcast

Facebook @upcpodcast


YouTube @upcpodcast


I have gotten in touch with many big time podcasters, a couple authors, and even an ESPN fantasy writer to come on our show and talk with us about various topics! Together, we've grown campaigns through twitter and email with these new colleagues!

We are also currently members of the BS Podcast Network, where we work with a large community of podcasters to share and create content for our listeners, as we are of similar style and content.